Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety


Inspection Reports & CAPs

This list below includes active, inactive and suspended factories. For a list of factories currently producing for Alliance member brands, please see the monthly Active Factory List.

One important component of The Alliance is the public release of all inspection reports as well as periodic updates to each corrective action plan. This commitment also supports the Bangladesh Government Commitment - as codified in the National Action Plan - to release the inspection data of all factories throughout Bangladesh.

Factories inspected by the Alliance are listed below with their inspection reports and draft Corrective Action Plans (CAPs). Alliance factories that were initially inspected by the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh are also listed below; reports and CAPs for these factories are provided by the Accord.

The CAPs below are provided by the Fair Factories Clearinghouse (FFC) database and may be subject to change during the CAP meeting. During the CAP meeting, the Alliance works with each factory, member company, independent inspection firm and Alliance engineers to review each CAP, item by item, in order to finalize a CAP that is sufficiently detailed with clear responsibilities and due dates that are realistic. CAPs are updated after each remediation verification visit (RVV) and CAP closure verification visit (CCVV).

Finally, all findings from these evaluations are shared with workers and worker representatives / union leaders during the closing meeting of the inspection in the local language. To learn more about how workers and worker representatives are included in the inspection, please click here.

  Please note:
  • Expansion: Factory has been re-assessed after either a vertical (i.e. adding floors) or horizontal extension.
  • New Location: Factory moved its operations to this new location, and is no longer operating at the previous location.
  • Factories that are suspended from the Alliance compliant factory list are listed in red.


Factory Name  Fire  Structural  Electrical  CAP


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