Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety


Sustainability/Capacity Building

The Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety (Alliance) is committed to a strong, stable, and democratic Bangladesh – a Bangladesh that grows and flourishes with a safe and secure ready-made garment (RMG) sector. The Alliance and its partners will continue to work with the government of Bangladesh, donor governments, and other stakeholders to address the long-term needs of Bangladesh to meet its governance and capacity challenges.

The government of Bangladesh is responsible for the oversight of the industry and the enforcement of laws, regulations, and policies, but all stakeholders have an important role in ensuring the safety and security of the sector. As a result of the concerted efforts of all stakeholders to date, the government, garment factory workers, trade unions, and garment factory owners have greater knowledge, skills, and resources to address fire, electrical, and building safety issues.

The Alliance will continue our efforts to coordinate and collaborate effectively with all groups committed to bringing about the sustainable transformation of the garment sector in Bangladesh.



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