Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety

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The Alliance Annual Report, 2015

Protecting and Empowering Bangladesh’s Garment Workers
Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety Second Annual Report

Over the last two years, the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety has accomplished a great deal under difficult circumstances. Although challenging, the Alliance’s mission of creating a safer and more respectful environment for garment factory workers inspires all of us because we know how important our work is for factory workers, the garment industry and, ultimately, the people of Bangladesh.

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Alliance Stakeholder Roundtable Report

As part of its commitment to developing and implementing its program and collaboration with stakeholders and experts, The Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety conducted its first stakeholder round table in Dhaka.

This first round table was organized as a forum for The Alliance to gain input from stakeholders to inform its approach to worker participation and empowerment. From the discussions came clear recommendations which the report lays out, alongside important, related next steps.

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