Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety


Government Review Panel

In May 2014, the Bangladesh Ministry of Labour and Employment formulated a Review Panel to assess recommendations for closure of factory buildings by inspection teams under the Alliance, the Accord on Fire and Building Safety (Accord), or the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). The Review Panel is composed of engineers from the Alliance, BUET and the Accord, the Director General of the Department of Factories and Establishments from the Bangladesh Government as well as representatives of BGMEA, BKMEA and IndustriAll.

Recommendations are submitted to the Review Panel if immediate risks or imminent danger from structural integrity are found during a factory inspection. Following receipt of a report from one of the three initiatives, the Review Panel immediately convenes a visit to the concerned factory. The participating engineers, under a unanimous decision, then present final recommendations to the Inspector General, who may order full or partial closure of factory operations as necessary. If the factory is closed due to the Review Panel findings, the factory may be re-opened only after due remediation is completed and the Review Panel has given its unanimous recommendation confirming improved structural integrity.

The Alliance has submitted the following factories to the Review Panel for consideration of factory suspension or closure – the details of each case can be found in the linked summary reports. For those factories where a factory closure was necessary, the Alliance worked with the factory management to ensure that compensation was provided by the factory and/or the Alliance.

Total factories referred to Review Panel: 35

Factory Name  Review Panel Recommendation  Last Known Operating Status  Alliance Status


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