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Factories Achieving Initial CAP Completion

The 463 factories listed below have successfully completed the remediation phase, as verified by a CAP Closure Verification Visit (CCVV). These factories should be commended for their efforts to remediate all critical items listed in their Corrective Action Plans (CAP). CAP completion requires a great deal of time and investment – investments which are helping to create a safer workplace for their employees and build a more positive image of the Bangladesh apparel industry.

The Alliance requires building safety assessments for all ready-made garment (RMG) factories producing for its members in Bangladesh. Please see our Standards & Inspections page for more information on the inspections. Upon completion of the inspections, the factory receives a CAP that provides guidance on each non-compliance and the course of action. The receipt of the CAP marks the beginning of the Remediation phase – some items can (and need to) be addressed immediately, but some items (such as sprinkler installation and structural retrofitting) can take over a year to complete.

Remediation continues until the factory closes all non-compliances in its CAP, which is verified during a CCVV. The CCVV is conducted to confirm the completion of corrective actions necessary to remediate non-compliance with the Alliance Standard in each of the three critical areas – structural integrity, electrical safety, and fire safety – that were identified during the initial factory inspections. During the CCVV, factories are either deemed to have achieved substantial completion of their CAPs or are required to continue with remediation if there are outstanding critical issues.

CAP completion is only the first step in constructing a continuous improvement culture focused on improving workplace safety. The Alliance expects all factories to sustain their commitment to safety through on-going efforts to maintain the investments already made.

Factory Name  Address  Date

* Factory has completed their Initial CAP with the Accord on Fire & Building Safety in Bangladesh. The Alliance Standard—by which Alliance factories are assessed—was developed collaboratively by a group of technical experts from the Alliance, the Accord, and the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). Given the harmonized Standard shared between our organizations, the Alliance accepts Accord factory inspections and reports, verification visits and suspensions. Accord factory suspensions are accepted upon verification by the Alliance. More information on the Alliance Standard and its development can be found here.

§ Factory has completed their Initial CAP, but has expanded their factory building(s) and has not yet completed their CAP for the newly expanded area(s) of the factory.


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