Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety


Alliance Factory Statuses

This list below includes active, inactive and suspended factories. For a list of factories currently producing for Alliance member brands, please see the monthly Active Factory List.

The Alliance takes factory compliance very seriously, as failure by any factory to comply may perpetuate unsafe working conditions and put workers at risk. Although factories will be officially included on the Alliance compliant factory list upon completion of the initial inspections and finalized reports, factories must maintain compliance over time. Continued compliance requires the following:

  • Demonstrated progress towards timely completion of CAP items, with non-compliance closure confirmed by Alliance-approved site visits and reviews of submitted evidence;
  • Completion of the above within a reasonable timeframe; and
  • Participation in training, Helpline, and other worker empowerment programs.

To increase transparency and support progress, the Alliance has created statuses associated with each Alliance requirement, which are used to determine each factory’s overall status.

Factory Status by Program Area

  • Completed: Factory has completed initial Alliance requirements
  • On track: Progressing adequately with Alliance requirements
  • Needs intervention: Falling behind on or refusing to follow Alliance requirements
  • Critical: At risk of being removed from Alliance compliant factory list based on lack of progress with Alliance requirements
  • Under Accord: Factory is remediating under the Accord; factory is active in other Alliance program areas

Overall Factory Status

  • Participating: Progressing with Alliance requirements (note: includes factories at risk of suspension, before they are officially removed from the Alliance compliant factory list)
  • Suspended: Officially removed from Alliance compliant factory list based on lack of progress in one or more Alliance requirements

The Alliance and member companies make every effort to engage factories that have fallen behind in one or more areas. Factories that continue to show lack of progress may be entered into the Alliance escalation process and eventually removed from the Alliance compliant factory list – these factories are labeled "Suspended". If suspended factories wish to reestablish participation, they will need to undergo a new inspection at their own cost.

As stated in the Alliance Members Agreement, it remains the ultimate goal for Alliance members to utilize factories that meet the Alliance Standard. As always, all member actions are expected to be consistent with Alliance anti-trust guidelines.

These statuses are updated periodically and may not reflect the most recent progress made by a factory. Last update: December 31, 2018

Factory Name Inspection Remediation Worker Training Security Guard Training Worker Empowerment Overall Status


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