Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety


Six More Alliance Factories Achieve Substantial Completion of their Corrective Action Plans; Operations Suspended in Six Others


Factory remediation and accountability measures continue at year’s midpoint

DHAKA, Bangladesh - The Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety announced today that during the month of May, six additional Alliance-affiliated factories completed all material components outlined in their Corrective Action Plans (CAPs), bringing the total number of factories to have completed their CAPs to 82.

The factories include Babylon Garments Ltd, Columbia Apparels Ltd, R-PAC (BD) Packaging Co Ltd (PKG), R.S.B. Industrial Limited, Safaa Sweaters Ltd (Safaa Sewing Ltd) and Uni Gears Ltd.

“We commend these factories for prioritizing remediation and exhibiting a firm commitment to worker safety,” said Alliance Country Director Jim Moriarty. “With a little more than year left before the Alliance sunsets, achievements such as these remain central to our mission of transforming safety in Bangladesh’s ready-made garment industry.”

The Alliance also continued to enforce accountability measures for factories that failed to make adequate remediation progress. In May, six factories were suspended from the Alliance compliant factory list, bringing the total number of suspended factories to 153.

The complete list of factories that have achieved substantial completion of their CAPs, as well as those that have been suspended, can be found on the Alliance website.


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