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Alliance Achieves Factory Safety Milestone: 400 Factories Complete Remediation


Remediation progress reaches 91%; Alliance suspends five factories for failing to progress

DHAKA, Bangladesh — The Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety (“Alliance”) announced today that 36 more Alliance-affiliated factories completed all material components outlined in their Corrective Action Plans (CAPs) since the month of July, bringing the total to 400. To date, 91 percent of factory remediation is complete across all Alliance factories.

“We are pleased to report that remediation of Alliance factories continues at a rapid pace,” said Alliance Executive Director Amb. Jim Moriarty. “We are confident that the vast majority of factories operating under the Alliance that supply our member companies will be in excellent shape and will function fully in accordance with our rigorous safety standards at the time of our transition at the end of this calendar year. Even after the dissolution of the Alliance, Alliance member brands will continue to monitor conditions in Bangladesh factories from which they source to verify that those factories remain safe going forward.”

In addition to the new CAP completions, five factories were suspended in August, which brings the total number of factories suspended to 173. This is the first time since March that the Alliance has had to suspend factories that did not make adequate progress.

“This milestone is a testament to the hard work and dedication of everyone involved in the remediation process, from the engineers and inspectors who have guided the process, to the factory owners, managers and workers who have made safety a priority within their factories,” said Alliance Chief Safety Officer Paul Rigby. “These factories now meet international standards of safety, something for which they should all be proud.”

The current status of each Alliance factory can be found on the Alliance website.


About the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety

The Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety was founded by a group of North American apparel companies, retailers and brands who joined together to develop and launch the Bangladesh Worker Safety Initiative, a legally binding, five-year undertaking that is transparent, results-oriented, measurable and verifiable with the intent of improving safety in Bangladeshi ready-made garment (RMG) factories. The Alliance provides global apparel companies and retailers the unprecedented opportunity to come together and put forward concrete solutions to issues that impact apparel and retail industries worldwide. More information about the Alliance can be found at


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