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The Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety Announces that Four Factories have Achieved Substantial Completion of their Corrective Action Plans, Suspends Operations in Eight Others


DHAKA, Bangladesh— As part of its on-going mission to improve safety in its affiliated garment factories in Bangladesh, the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety announces that within the last month, four additional factories have completed all material components outlined in their Corrective Action Plans, or CAPs. They have also suspended operations with eight additional factories for failure to show evidence of remediation progress.

“We commend Park (Bangladesh) Company, Olio Apparels, Fountain Garments Manufacturing and Unitex International for their commitment to making their factories models of worker safety,” said Alliance Country Director Jim Moriarty. “Conversely, our suspension of eight new factories demonstrates that those unwilling or unable to address critical safety issues will no longer be welcome as partners in our supply chain.”

The Alliance performs independent inspections on the structural, electrical and fire safety of all factories from which its members source. Each factory is then provided with a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) designed to help it address safety issues and achieve compliance with Alliance safety standards. The Alliance also provides technical advice and access to low-cost loans to assist factories with remediation.

To date the Alliance has cut ties with a total of 91 non-compliant factories, 32 factories have completed the critical repairs outlined in their CAPs and 57% of all safety issues in Alliance factories have been corrected.

More information on our suspension process can be found in the Alliance Members Agreement, and the complete list of suspended factories can be found here.

Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety Provides Q2 Progress Report on Remediation, Factory Statuses and Worker Empowerment


DHAKA - Today, the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety (Alliance) provided its quarterly progress update on factory remediation and worker empowerment initiatives. Below are the remarks of former U.S. Ambassador James Moriarty, Alliance country director.

Media interested in obtaining a recording of the teleconference should contact Guillermo Meneses.

Additional information about the Alliance and our initiatives to improve safety in Bangladesh’s RMG industry can be found on our website at


Remarks of Ambassador Moriarty:

Good morning everyone and thank you for joining our second quarterly call to discuss progress updates from the Alliance.

Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety Statement


DHAKA, Bangladesh - The Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety issues the following statement in response to the tragic events which unfolded in Dhaka this past weekend.

“In the wake of last week’s violent attack in the diplomatic area of Dhaka, our thoughts and prayers remain with everyone affected, including the victims, the loved ones of those who lost their lives or were wounded and members of the community who have been rocked by this attack.

While each individual member company of the Alliance is responsible for their own global sourcing decisions, the Alliance will stay the course in Bangladesh despite this unspeakable tragedy. We believe improving safety for the millions of men and women who make a living in Bangladesh’s garment sector is a moral imperative—and while we are taking steps to ensure the safety of our staff and contractors, our work to improve safety in garment factories will continue.”


Alliance Statement on the Hostage Situation in Dhaka


DHAKA, Bangladesh - Today, the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety released the statement below following the shooting and hostage situation in the diplomatic area of Dhaka:

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the hostages, those who have lost their lives and have been wounded and their families during this tragic attack. All Alliance employees and contractors are safe, and we hope for a quick and peaceful resolution.”




Sinha Dyeing & Finishing Ltd. Babylon Casualwear Ltd. successfully remediate all critical safety issues

DHAKA, Bangladesh– The Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety announced today that Sinha Dyeing & Finishing Ltd. and Babylon Casualwear Ltd., two Alliance member factories in Dhaka, have successfully completed their Corrective Action Plans. With more than two years yet to go in the Alliance’s 5-year safety initiative, Sinha and Babylon become the 27th and 28th factories, respectively, to achieve completion status by remediating all critical safety issues identified during their Alliance inspections.

In keeping with its mission to improve the safety of Bangladesh’s ready-made garment industry, all factories from which Alliance members source are inspected by independent assessment firms to identify safety concerns. During this process, factory owners are provided with a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) to systematically and sustainably improve conditions for their workers. Following the development of the CAP, remediation is undertaken to address structural integrity, electrical and fire safety issues. Factories undertake remediation until non-compliant issues outlined in the CAP are resolved.

“Every CAP completion is one step forward in the Alliance’s mission to improve workplace safety,” said Country Director Jim Moriarty. “From inspection to remediation, this process requires commitment and effort on the part of factory owners. We congratulate Sinha Dyeing & Finishing Ltd. and Babylon Casualwear Ltd. for achieving this important goal.”


Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety Statement on Pakiza Group Factory Fire


DHAKA, Bangladesh (May 22, 2016) – Today, the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety released the following statement in response to the chemical fire that broke out this morning at the Pakiza Group factory in the Narsingdi District of Dhaka:

“We were deeply saddened by the news of the fire, and our thoughts and prayers are with the factory workers and the families of those who lost their lives. Although the factory is not aligned with the Alliance or the Accord, this incident underscores the importance of our shared work with the Government of Bangladesh to help improve the safety of all RMG factory workers in Bangladesh.”


Alliance Statement on Rana Plaza Third Anniversary


Dhaka, Bangladesh - Today, the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety (The Alliance) released the following statement recognizing the third anniversary of the Rana Plaza collapse on April 24, 2013:

“Today marks the third anniversary of the Rana Plaza collapse, which claimed the lives of 1,134 garment factory workers in an unspeakable tragedy. In honor of the victims of Rana Plaza, as well as their families, the Alliance and our member companies remain committed to our mission to create a safe environment where worker safety is the rule, and not the exception.

“Since our formation in the months following the Rana Plaza collapse, the Alliance has made it our mission to create a safer working environment for Bangladesh’s ready-made garment factory workers, and we can confidently say workers in Alliance factories are safer than they were three years ago. The Bangladesh Fire Service and Civil Defense reports that the number of fires in Bangladesh garment factories has dropped nearly 90 percent since 2012, and not a single life was lost to fire incidents in 2015.

“There’s still much to be done to remediate Bangladesh’s RMG factories, and we remain steadfast in our efforts to empower workers and work with factory owners to remediate building and fire safety issues to help prevent this tragedy from being repeated.”

Protecting and Empowering Bangladesh’s Garment Workers


Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety Progress Report
April 2016

Message from the Chair

In the past three years, the Alliance has achieved significant progress in its commitment to ensure the safety of workers in Bangladesh’s ready-made garment factories. Through initiatives centered on standards & inspections, training, remediation, worker empowerment and sustainability, we have demonstrated that lofty vision can indeed transform into observable reality...

Download the full report here


NFPA Assesses Alliance Remediation Efforts


The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) today issued its Bangladesh Ready-Made Garment (RMG) Industry High-Level Assessment Report, an independent review of Alliance efforts to improve worker safety conducted in collaboration with the University of Maryland (UMD). The press release – which includes a link to the report - and a summary of NFPA recommendations to the Alliance with the Alliance’s resulting activities can be found below:

Press Release: English / Bangla
NFPA Recommendations Summary: English / Bangla

Alliance Statement on the Pretty Sweaters Factory Fire


In the early morning hours of February 23, 2016, a fire broke out in the Pretty Sweaters Ltd factory in Gazipur. The fire, for which the cause is yet to be determined, broke out in the southwest corner of the 7th floor, where it was successfully contained. While there were 100 workers on site at the time of the fire, no fatalities or injuries resulted from the fire.

This factory had been inspected by the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh (Accord) and was actively undergoing remediation. The factory’s sprinkler system required repair in order to meet the international standard set by the Alliance and the Accord, but the factory had not yet completed the repair at the time of the fire. The faulty sprinklers allowed the fire to spread farther than it would have had a fully functional and complaint system been in place. Fire doors and hydrants, which had undergone required repairs, were instrumental in containing the fire to the 7th floor and enabling factory staff and Fire Service and Civil Defense (FSCD) personnel to extinguish the fire. While the 7th floor remains closed, the factory did not sustain significant structural or electrical damage, and production in the rest of the factory has resumed.

This incident underscores the importance of the work of the Alliance, the Accord and the Government of Bangladesh to remediate factories to meet international safety standards, to push factories that are moving slowly to accelerate their remediation progress, and to ensure that workers are empowered with the safety training they need to respond in an emergency.




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