Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety


Alliance Staff

Senior Management, Bangladesh

  • Ambassador (Ret.) Jim Moriarty, Country Director
  • Paul Rigby, Deputy Country Director & Chief Safety Officer (CSO)
  • Kazi Wahidul Haque, Director of Engineering
  • Mst. Quamrunnessa Babli, Director of Operations



  • M M Motiur Rahman, General Manager, Fire Safety Training
  • Md. Abdul Alim, Remediation Manager
  • Md. Atiqul Islam, Case Manager
  • Md. Gulam Mortuza, Case Manager
  • Md. Mushiur Rahman, Case Manager
  • Nusrat Zhahan Binta Hassan, Case Coordinator
  • Mehdi Hasan Khan, Case Coordinator
  • Md. Ikram Hossain Talukdar, Case Coordinator
  • Md. Sharifuzzaman, Safety Engineer, Structural
  • Nasmas Saydee Khan, Safety Engineer, Structural
  • Md. Hafiz-Al-Anam, Safety Engineer, Structural
  • Biswajit Bhowmik, Safety Engineer, Structural
  • Md. Atiqur Rahman, Safety Engineer, Structural
  • Shafiur Rahman, Safety Engineer, Structural
  • Ahmed Istiaq Uddin Munshijada, Safety Engineer, Structural
  • Md. Kazi Iqbal Mahmud, Safety Engineer, Structural
  • Sudipto Kumar Das, Safety Engineer, Structural
  • Md. Shayekh Zubayer, Safety Engineer, Structural
  • Md. Shamim Kabir Sarker, Safety Engineer, Structural
  • Morshedul Islam, Safety Engineer, Structural
  • Shafiqul Islam, Safety Engineer, Mechanical
  • Swapan Kumar Kundu, Design Review & Safety Engineer, Fire
  • Shapon Kumar Malakar, Design Review & Safety Engineer, Fire
  • Md. Hassan Nawazis, Safety Engineer, Fire
  • Palash Kumar Mondal, Safety Engineer, Fire
  • Md. Nadim Hossain, Safety Engineer, Fire
  • Md. Hasanuzzaman, Safety Engineer, Fire
  • Mahmudur Rahman, Safety Engineer, Fire
  • Md. Ali Nawaj, Safety Engineer, Fire
  • Md. Fazlul Bari, Safety Engineer, Fire
  • Tapos Kumar Barai, Design Review & Safety Engineer, Electrical
  • Mahmudul Hasan, Safety Engineer, Electrical
  • Md. Khorshed Alam, Safety Engineer, Electrical
  • Md. Muhidul Islam Chaman, Safety Engineer, Electrical
  • Md. Masburbur Rahman, Safety Engineer, Electrical
  • Md. Jobair Ibna Abdul Alim, Safety Engineer, Electrical
  • Md. Rajib Hasan, Safety Engineer, Electrical
  • Mozaffor Ahmed, Safety Engineer, Electrical


Training & Worker Empowerment

  • Imran Khan Shafin, Assistant Manager, Worker Outreach
  • Md. Omar Faruq, Assistant Manager, Training
  • Farah Diba, Senior Trainer
  • Md. Emranul Hoque Sourav, Trainer
  • Mohammad Nazrul Islam, Senior Officer, Worker Outreach
  • Gazi Tasnuva Ibtesam, Officer, Worker Outreach
  • Samima Sultana, Trainer
  • Md. Shahidul Islam, Assistant Trainer


Administration & Operations

  • Kari Premus, Project Manager, Systems/Data
  • Uttam Kumar Debnath, Senior Manager, Accounts
  • Md. Billal Hossain, Assistant Manager, Accounts
  • Nelufar Banu, Senior Officer, Human Resources
  • Tasnim Ahsan, Office Executive
  • Belayet Hossain, Administrative Manager
  • Md. Yazdani Ul Islam, Communications Officer
  • Rakesh Saha, Manager, IT
  • Abu Sayed Md. Golam Rosul Firoz, Translator


U.S./Hong Kong Staff

  • Amy Waynik, Senior Project Manager (San Francisco)
  • Josh Keller, Project Associate (San Francisco)
  • Andrew Russell, Data and Operations Analyst (San Francisco)



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