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Statement on the Second Anniversary of the Fire at Tazreen Fashions Ltd.

Statement on the Second Anniversary of the Fire at Tazreen Fashions Ltd.

Two years ago today, the fire at the Tazreen Fashions Ltd. garment factory took the lives of 112 garment workers and injured more than 200 more. It was one of the deadliest tragedies in the history of the Bangladesh garment industry and one that served as an important wake-up call about the need for urgent reforms. Today we remember the victims and extend our deepest respects to their families.

While much progress has been made toward improving building and fire safety since the tragedy, this anniversary reminds us of the incredibly high stakes involved in our collective work to build a stronger, safer garment industry in Bangladesh. The Government of Bangladesh, brands, factory owners and other stakeholders all have important roles in driving change to ensure that fire and structural tragedies are prevented, and that workers are trained and empowered to protect themselves during an emergency. We take today as an important moment for reflection, and as a reminder of the importance of our collective work to create a safer industry for every garment worker in Bangladesh.



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