Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety

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Alliance Publications

The Alliance is committed to providing regular updates on the initiative’s progress and activities, and to seeking external evaluation of the effectiveness—and areas for future work—of its core programs.  Below are the latest documents for public download.

• 6 month report
1st Annual report
18 month report
Q1 2016 Progress Report
2nd Annual report & Executive Summary
Worker Baseline Survey & Infographic
Training Impact Assessment & Infographic

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The Alliance is working with worker organizations, factory owners, NGOs, civil society, technical and engineering consultants, industry associations, educational and training institutions, and the government of Bangladesh to ensure that safety improvements are technically sound, impactful, and sustainable. Specific partners include:

• National Fire Protection Association
University of Maryland
International Finance Corporation

Alliance Case Studies

We aim to share case studies that feature work being done in factories producing for Alliance members. These examples recognize factories leading the way in Alliance programs, and provide learnings for other factories and stakeholders.
 • Columbia Garments Ltd: Factory Leadership and Teamwork Drive Remediation Progress

The Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety Annual Report


As we mark the first year of the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety, we outline progress made on the ground to ensure that no garment worker in Bangladesh risks his or her life in order to make a living.

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