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One-Year Anniversary of Rana Plaza: Real Progress Underway, Work Remains to Be Done


One-Year Anniversary of Rana PlazaOne year ago, Bangladesh suffered one of the deadliest garment factory tragedies in history when the Rana Plaza building collapsed. In the weeks following, the magnitude of the disaster and its impact on victims and their families elevated a global conversation about one of the most pressing human rights issues of our time: protecting worker safety.

Everyone connected to Rana Plaza and the Bangladesh garment industry—in government, business, trade, labor and civil society—knew that this was a critical moment to mobilize the resources necessary to create change. The only appropriate response was to take collective action.

Workers’ Rights Remain at the Heart of Alliance’s Efforts


Last week, the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety reaffirmed its commitment to ensure workers in the Bangladesh garment sector had a safe working environment and the ability to communicate safety concerns without the fear of retribution.  This had always been a core component of the Alliance members agreement, but the membership took the additional step to explicitly codify the right of workers to refuse unsafe work without the fear of retribution.  The capacity of workers to freely communicate safety issues with management is essential to achieving safe factories, and Alliance members are committed to ensuring this right is fully implemented and protected.

The full text of the amendment can be found here.

Noted government, labor and international development leaders join Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety Board of Advisors


For immediate release: April 3, 2014

Noted government, labor and international development leaders join Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety Board of Advisors

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety is proud to announce the appointment of 12 Bangladeshi and international leaders to its Board of Advisors. Hailing from key positions within labor, government and academia, the Advisors will provide expertise and leadership to aid Alliance efforts to improve safety for Bangladeshi workers.

Read more here...


Alliance For Bangladesh Baseline Worker Survey Report


This is a seminal report on workplace health and safety of Bangladesh’s garment workers. The findings make a major contribution to our understanding on the knowledge, awareness, and experience of garment workers on the prevalent workplace hazards and existing workplace practices, policies and programs, and how these have impacts on their health and safety. It highlights the different safety barriers that Bangladeshi garment workers face in their workplaces. Addressing most of these barriers is very much within our reach.

Download the full report here

The Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety Semi Annual Report


Download the complete report here

Message from the Alliance Independent Chair

Dear Colleagues,

Recent years have marked several tragic factory disasters in Bangladesh, such as the Tazreen fire
and the Rana Plaza collapse, which together took the lives of more than 1,200 people. No one
should have to risk their life in order to make a living—and in the face of such events, preventing
these tragedies is nothing short of a moral imperative.

That is why six months ago, leading North American apparel companies came together to form
the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety—a five year, legally binding, results-oriented initiative
dedicated to dramatically improving safety conditions for workers in Bangladesh. Today, the Alliance
is pleased to share the progress achieved against our commitments in our first six months.

There are approximately 700 factories in Bangladesh from which our Member companies source,
employing approximately 1.28 million workers. It is our goal to ensure that safe workplaces
in Bangladesh become the rule, not the exception, for all women and men employed in the
Bangladesh ready-made garment industry. We also recognize that improving safety needs to be
a collaborative effort, and we will continue to work with others who share in the responsibility for
garment factory safety.

The challenges are complex and much work lies ahead, but we are dedicated to achieving results
that will set a new standard for worker safety. Together, we can realize a safer workplace for all
Bangladesh garment industry workers.
We look forward to sharing our future developments and learnings from this ongoing effort.



The Honorable Ellen Tauscher
Chairman, Alliance Board


Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety Opens its Doors in Dhaka


For immediate release: December 9, 2013

Bangladesh team well-positioned to deliver on commitments to improve safety conditions in Bangladesh garment factories.

DHAKA—The Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety officially launched its local operation in Dhaka today, ensuring an on-the-ground presence to facilitate its effort to bring improved fire and structural safety to Bangladesh garment factories. The Alliance—an historic coalition of global apparel companies and their partners—will unify efforts to dramatically improve garment factory safety conditions in Bangladesh following a string of deadly factory fires and collapses.


Service Company Form

The Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety Service Company Form...


Bangladesh Facts

Bangladesh, meaning "Bengal nation," is a low-lying country formed by the alluvial plain of the Ganges-Brahmaputra river system... Read more



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